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Prices and Tax


Following the United Kingdom (UK) departure from Europe (EU), we have removed any sales tax from our website - and lowered our prices. All items are now advertised 'net of VAT', i.e. with no sales tax applied. This means customers only pay one sales tax applicable to their home country.


UK customers:  at checkout you will see 20% VAT added to the final price


EU and Rest of the World (ROTW) customers:  there is no tax applied at checkout, however import tax and duty may be applied on arrival in your home country. As the buyer, you are responsible for paying this tax.

* These are charges applied by your government and are calculated on the declared invoice value
* This is usually set for invoice values over £35
* Taxes vary between 10% to 20% of the invoice value - please check the rules for your country
* If you refuse to pay these import taxes on entry, your order may be returned to sender
* Please factor this in when ordering, as aborted shipping costs due to none payment of tax will be deducted from any refund